Drugs, prostitution, gambling make 2.7 bn for Dutch economy

The amount made in the Netherlands through drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities is some 2.7 bn a year.


According to computations by nationwide statistics office CBS for business broadcaster RTLZ, the CBS first determined the size of the black economy in 2013, when it stated that in 2010, crime, illegal gambling, pirated sites, and prohibited downloading had actually generated 2.6 bn.

It might seem as if the black economy has actually barely grown however it is extremely tough to make precise price quotes, RTLZ said. Wrongdoer activities are said to represent some 0.4 % of GDP.

The CBS figures reveal a slight increase in the value of the drugs market, which in 2010 accounted for 55 % of the black economy. Prostitution was responsible for some 21 %, with unlawful copying and gambling adding 9 %.

The CBS is not expected to release comprehensive figures until 2019, RTLZ said.