ALL BETS ARE OFF: Gambling examination gets simply one response

A CONSULTATION carried out by West Dorset District Council was criticized by councilors after it got just one remark from the public.


Last year, WDDC, along with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, sought advice from on its licensing policy for gambling on casino websites.

Of the 207 people that visited the online consultation, simply one person commented.

Concerns about the lack of response were raised at a complete council conference, with members demanding that documents are made more available to the public through a public platform.

Councilors taking a look at the report into the policy criticized it for being hard to understand.

The one person who did comment on the policy said that it was hard to understand and that it required an easy summary.

Cllr Robin Legg, said that it shouldn’t be viewed as a good thing that only individual commented but a negative.

He stated: I learned that we only ever had one remark from a member of the public.

I’m aiming to read a few of this and it’s impenetrable.

Cllr Robin Potter and Cllr Mollie Rennie joined him in requiring more clarity in the reports in future and also asked if a summary of the main points could be made making the file clearer.

Leader of the council, Cllr Alan Thacker, said that a summary could be prepared on future reports to assist make them simpler for members of the public to understand.

He stated: That’s something we can discuss to policeman.

I’ve read it from cover to cover. It’s a file to read last thing during the night you can’t sleep.

I will see if we can get the summary.

Cllr Legg also asked exactly what the council is doing about the scourge of fixed chances betting machines that he said see individuals being fleeced of all their money.

Cllr Thacker said that he will try and discover exactly what is being done about the machines.

The licensing policy on gambling like the one played on is developed to prevent gambling from being a source of betting hacks, criminal activities and disorder, being associated with criminal offense or condition or being used to support crime as well as ensure it is carried out in a fair and open method and to protect children and vulnerable people from being damaged or exploited by gambling.

The council is required to examine its policy a minimum of every 3 years. Councilors of the voted to approve the policy with no more changes.